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Preventing abuse, revange porn, doxing etc. 2024-05-30

Respecting regulations regarding privacy and safety of users as well as their freedom, we have a simple requirement regarding sharing nudes.
If you want to share your nudes, especially using your full name as title:

  1. Create an album
  2. Upload a photo of you (your face visible) holding a sheet of paper with handwritten (must be written by hand!):
  3. I want my nudes on
    @ 2024-07-13
  4. Make the second line (im9.eu) bigger.
  5. The text must be fully readable!
  6. Write on it your name as well, if you wish to use as the album's or images title.

Without such precautions, there is some risk, we will delete your photos.

<picture> Tag 2017-04-22

  1. Implemented <picture> tag...
  2. ...and created p480.im9.eu, p960.im9.eu and p1440.im9.eu for it.

Upgrades and a new feature 2017-04-21

  1. Refreshed „You” menu,
  2. Improved RSS feeds,
  3. RSS feeds for #tags - e.g. http://im9.eu/search/tag:mountains.

Little things today 2017-01-26

  1. Bugfix: manager remembers tags now,
  2. Improved ranking (still long way to go),
  3. Some changes of albums lists,
  4. The „Me” menu won't auto-show up so excessively often.

im9's New Image-Processing Library: SublimeImage 2014-05-17

  1. SublimeImage, as for now, means just

    • a nicer images "bottom line",
    • more data in JPEGs EXIF and
    • a noticeably faster images processing...

    But it will also enable us to add some new features soon.

"Share" now with "Social" 2014-04-06

  1. The "Share" menu for every animation and picture now includes social sharing links. Currently for Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, Reddit and LinkedIn but likely we will add a few more later.

Look & Feel Upgrades 2014-03-29

  1. Search UI with a "Go" button (also being an indicator).
  2. Albums lists (namely Latest Albums, Popular Albums and Albums Popular Today) now have a new mouse-over effect, much faster and fitting users needs better.
  3. Minor bugfixes & improvements - mainly data-caches.

Animations/Pictures/Thumbnails Servers Pages 2014-01-28

  1. Server Pages for a.im9.eu (Animations Server), p.im9.eu (Pictures Server) and t.im9.eu (Thumbnails Server) were quite often visited recently, so we have made them a little bit more friendly.
  2. Contact Us link on the blog page (this page ;-)) is now working correctly (minor bugfix).

New Year - New Bugfix ;-) 2014-01-01

  1. Watermark text will be now better aligned (minor bugfix).

Upgrades Pack No. 1 2013-12-31

  1. RSS added for Latest Albums.
  2. RSS added for Random Images.
  3. RSS added for every im9 album (example: My r/PICS favs RSS).
  4. List of Images Popular Today added.
  5. Redesign of the im9 Browse/Subscribe menus.

Hello World (and Happy New Year 2014!) 2013-12-31

  1. Blog starts just minutes before the year 2014.